Shri Karni Foundation

अभिलाषा मूकबधिर एवं मानसिक विमंदित विशेष विद्यालय
श्री करणी शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण महाविद्यालय


Shri Karni Foundation (a registered welfare organization) was started with the mission of development, education and rehabilitation of hearing impaired children in India. It is especially designed for the need of a hearing impaired child. The key focus of our organization is to establish a complete advance educational system for hearing impaired children so that they can be self respective and self dependent in their life and face the future challenges. We start our first mission in Rajasthan in .......... Shri Karni Foundation is one of the very few schools in India to marshal in a new era of educational, vocational and cultural rehabilitation of such children. The main aim of our organization is to power-up the deaf people to join the mainstream living.

Our Dream

After looking at all studies and researches it has been found that the deaf population is not in a good condition in India. Literacy rate and employment rate is very poor among them. The main cause of backwardness of these people is lack of education. Education is the only which can help these people to improve their living hood. The mass hearing impaired population live in rural areas and in lack of awareness they are not getting proper education. In term of proper rehabilitation there should be a complete structure of education which provide primary, secondary and higher education to these children. So that Shri Karni Foundation decided to establish an educational structure which helps deaf population to improve literacy, create opportunities and make their life joyful. At present Shri Karni Foundation established primary and secondary education centre and a exclusive sports academy for these children.

The most important it power-up the hearing impaired children to compete with normal world and win the battle of living.